The Hindu Vocab 9 Dec 2018

Daily The Hindu vocab 

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Today 9 Dec 2018. I am Sharing today The Hindu Vocab Words

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We are daily Update The Hindi Vocab. The Hindu Vocab with Hindi meaning is useful for aspirants. So SSCKHABAR team suggests daily read my blog and learn the new English word.

Today 9 dec 2018 we are sharing The Hindu Vocabulary. In this Post, we are sharing The Hindu Vocab with Hindi Meaning. The Hindu Vocab is most important for those students are preparing for SSC CGL, SSC CPO, IBPS Bank, and Other Competitive Exam.

The Hindu Vocab Words

  1. Ratify :
    To approve and sanction formally. (मंजूर करना)
  2. Tantamount :
    Virtually the same as. (समान, बराबर)
  3. Viable :
    Capable of working successfully. (व्यवहार्य, विकासक्षम)
  4. All hands on deck (idiom):
    If a situation requires all hands on deck. (कम समय में बहूत अधिक कार्य करना)
  5. Perpetual :
    Going on and on without any interruptions. (लगातार, निरंतर, अनवरत)
  6. Obligation :
    A duty or commitment. (कर्तव्य, उत्तरदायित्व)
  7. Turmoil :
    A state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty. ( उथल-पुथल)
  8. Stringent :
    Stringent laws, rules, or conditions are severe or are strictly controlled. (कठोर, सख्त)
  9. Impede :
    Delay or prevent (someone or something) by obstructing. (बाधा डालना)
  10. Credible:
  11. Worthy of being accepted as true or reasonable. (विश्वास करने योग्य)

The Hindu Vocab Summary 

  1. Ratify : (मंजूर करना)
  2. Tantamount : (समान, बराबर)
  3. Viable : (व्यवहार्य, विकासक्षम)
  4. All hands on deck (idiom): (कम समय में बहूत अधिक कार्य करना)
  5. Perpetual : (लगातार, निरंतर, अनवरत)
  6. Obligation : (कर्तव्य, उत्तरदायित्व)
  7. Turmoil : (अशांति की स्थिति )
  8. Stringent : (कठोर, सख्त)
  9. Impede : (बाधा डालना)
  10. Credible :(विश्वास करने योग्य)

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