The Hindu Vocab 1 Dec 2018

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Today 1 dec 2018 we are sharing The Hindu Vocabulary. In this Post, we are sharing The Hindu Vocab with Hindi Meaning. The Hindu Vocab is most important for those students are preparing for SSC CGL, SSC CPO, IBPS Bank, and Other Competitive Exam.


The Hindu Vocab Words


1. Spat: A brief petty quarrel or angry outburst. (झगड़ा)
2. Ramification: A complex or unwelcome consequence of an action or event. (परिणाम, असर)
3. Sword of Damocles (idiom): Imminent danger or trouble. (एक आने वाली आपदा)
4. Crux : The most important or serious part of a matter, problem, or argument. (जड़, मुख्य मुद्दा)
5. Abridge: To make less in extent or duration. (संक्षेप करना)
6. Ad hoc: Ade or happening only for a particular purpose or need. (तदर्थ, ख़ास, विशेष)
7. Prevail: Prove more powerful or superior. (प्रबल होना, जीतना)
8. Autonomy: Freedom from external control or influence; self-rule. (स्वराज्य)
9. Ambit: An area over which activity, capacity, or influence extends. (सीमा)
10. Concurrence: Agreement or consistency. (सहमति)




1. Spat : (झगड़ा)
2. Ramification : (परिणाम, असर)
3. Sword of Damocles (idiom): (एक आने वाली आपदा)
4. Crux : (जड़, मुख्य मुद्दा)
5. Abridge : (संक्षेप करना)
6. Ad hoc : (तदर्थ, ख़ास, विशेष)
7. Prevail : (प्रबल होना, जीतना)
8. Autonomy : (स्वराज्य)
9. Ambit : (सीमा)
10. Concurrence : (सहमति)




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