5000 One Word Substitution PDF Download

Hello readers, Welcome to my blog SSCKHABAR. SSC Khabar shares daily study material PDF For all exam. Please regularly visit my blog. Today we are sharing One Word substitution PDF.

5000 One Word Substitution PDF

5000 One Word PDF
5000 One Word PDF

One word substitution is an important part of SSC English. Those candidates are preparing for SSC CGL, CPO, CHSL read them carefully One Word substitution. In the SSC CGL, mains exam contains 12 marks and sex marks in pre-exam.

SSC CGL 2018 One Word substitution with Hindi meaning

In the SSC CGL 2018 exam, one-word substitution plays an important role in the English subject. So those preparing for SSC CGL 2018 read this One Word. In this blog post, we are sharing one-word PDF with Hindi meaning.

  •  A bicycle for two or more people Tandem
  •  A body of persons appointed to hear evidence or judge and give their verdict (decision) Jury
  •  A brief or a short stay at a place Sojourn
  •  A broad road bordered with trees Boulevard
  •  A building in which aircraft are housed – Hanger
  •  A building where an audience sits Auditorium
  •  A child born after the death of his father Posthumous
  •  A collection of slaves Coffle
  •  A decorative ring of flowers and leaves Wreath
  •  A den for small animals Hutch
  •  A disease that affects a large number of people in an area at the same time Epidemic
  •  A disease which is spread by direct contact Contagious
  •  A doctor who specializes in the eye diseases of the eyes Ophthalmologist
  •  A doctor who treats children Paediatrician
  •  A dramatic performance Masque
  •  A drawing on transparent paper Transparency
  •  A figure of speech by which a thing is spoken of as being that which it only resembles Simile
  •  A fixed orbit in space in relation to earth Geostationary
  •  A former student of a school, college or university Alumnus
  •  A four-footed animal Quadruped
  •  A four-wheeled carriage for a baby, pushed by a person on foot Pram
  •  A game in which no one wins Draw
  •  A general pardon of offenders Amnesty
  •  A geometrical figure with eight sides Octagon
  •  A government by officials Bureaucracy
  •  A group of girls Bevy
  •  A group of three powerful people Triumvirate
  •  A guide-post pointing out the way for a place finger-post
  •  A heavy continuous fall of rain Downpour
  •  A humorous drawing dealing with current events or politics Cartoon
  •  A jocular person who is full of amusing anecdotes Wag
  •  A large number of fish swimming together Shoal
  •  A large sleeping-room with many beds Dormitory
  •  A light sailing boat built specially for racing Yacht
  •  A list of books and writings of one author or one subject Bibliography

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