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Dear students, Indian Geography as a subject- Geography is very interesting. It is easy to understand and express it in the exam. It is a mix of technical and social science. This is a very important topic from the UPSC perspective. In the same way, our team has brought the Indian Geography and World Geography Notes in Hindi PDF to all the students of SSC KHABAR team in the same series, which is for the SSC, PCS, Railways, UPSC, IAS, Police-related examinations of the Central and State Useful.

Geography Notes In Hindi PDF Download 

The contents of the book of Geography in Hindi are based on the curriculum of NCRT in which all the subjects have been compiled and subjected to compilation. Geography GK in Hindi In various papers of the geography of India and the world, the various aspects of geography by the tables – the detailed study of the universe, the solar system, the place, the water and atmosphere, and the various facts – physical area, climate, vegetation etc. Explained. The testers can study the book easily and solve problems related to geography.

SSC Geography Notes In Hindi PDF

Geography students should practice a lot of maps and diagrams to score well. Doing so makes the presentation beautiful with good in the exam. Thus, it can bring more points! Trend explains that about 10-20 questions are likely to be asked from geography. In particular, with a question related to the map, students of geography can do better. Again, the study of geography is an interesting activity for those who are eager to know about places, cities, countries, the oceans, geological facts etc. about the Earth.

Indian geography is an important topic for any competitive exam, it is considered not only as a huge curriculum but also due to relevance with other topics of science, which incorporates different dimensions of geographical concepts. Therefore, keeping in mind the importance of this subject, we have prepared Indian Geography Notes in Hindi PDF, which has five major sections of common geography and physical features, climate, soil and vegetation, drainage systems, economic geography, human geography.

Geography Notes pdf In hindi
Geography Notes pdf In Hindi

World Geography

  • Universe
  • Solar System
  • Determination of the motion of the Earth, the fictional lines and time
  • Site board
  • Water Board
  • Atmosphere
  • Continent
  • Economic geography
  • Area of mineral production
  • Geography of India

Geographical representation of India

  • A physical territory of India
  • Rivers of India
  • India’s climate
  • The natural vegetation of India
  • Mud of India
  • Farming of India
  • Water Resources and Multipurpose River Valley Project
  • Mineral resources
  • Energy enrichment
  • Industry in India
  • transportation
  • Genes
  • Important abstract facts

Geography handwritten Notes pdf 

How to prepare Indian Geography for SSC?

  • Geography elective courses can be broadly divided into three parts. It constitutes physical geography, human geography and Indian geography. Paper I includes physical and human geography and Paper II includes Indian geography.
  • Physical Geography: The physical geography section is quite technical and scoring. Students of technical background say that mechanical and civil engineering make it interesting. There is no need to remember the facts and figures (except for some theories). Everything is attractive and can be easily remembered. It seems a bit difficult for the students of the art classes.
  • Human Geography: A lot of facts need to be remembered in the human geography section. Someone has to remember the facts related to the population, the names of geographers, their books (if possible, the year in which the book is published), their concepts and much more. This is a non-technical section and there is less scoring than the technical background students approach.
  • Indian Geography: Indian Geography Scoring Paper. One has to answer the map based question for 20 points. The questions in this paper are normal, such as in Geography GK in Hindi PDF. One must add the foundations of the geography, the answers with the paper. Using concepts, vocabulary, facts, geography from paper one. Need to add answers with current events also. In the north, relevant plans, programs, projects must be mentioned.

In this Geography in Hindi book, you will find a lot of references to all the topics mentioned above. You can see the contents of this Geography GK in Hindi PDF below and download it from the download link given below.


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