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Hello Friends, Students who are preparing for any government job. This post is very important for all those students. In this post, we have come up with the book Chemistry. For the students who are looking for a chemistry book, we have come with the Chemistry Book PDF.

Chemistry Book PDF: This book will prove to be very beneficial for you. As you all know, all the competitive exams have GK’s input roll. And science’s queries come most often. That’s why we have come today with chemistry book You can easily download the chemistry book by clicking on the download button below to download. And read this post full for information related to this post.

Chemistry Book


chemistry book PDF ssckhabar
chemistry book PDF ssckhabar

By the way, all students start reading subjects like chemistry from school. But chemistry is very boring for some students and very interesting for some students. For students who chemistry seems very boring or difficult. All those students can easily read in today’s time easily through a medium like YouTube. Because all the subjects are easily explained through animation through a lot of teachers on YouTube.

You can start with NCERT’s books to read subjects like Chemistry well. We tell you that all the students who study civil services, all students study NCERT books very well.

Chemistry Book pdf

Here we are providing you a list through which you will know which topics are covered in this PDF.

  • Atom and its structure
  • Nucleus structure
  • Structure of the non-Nucleus atom
  • Electronic configuration
  • Element
  • Radio activation
  • Uses of radio activation
  • Nuclear fission process
  • Acid
  • Base
  • Salts and uses
  •  Various ph values


Download Chemistry Book PDF

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